2017 Rewind

2017 was a great year! Getting to spend a ton of time with my daughter Autumn and seeing her go from being a newborn to a toddler, who's walking, talking, and has a personality has been one of, if not the greatest joys in my life. A few other things that happened this year are....

-I shot 29 weddings!

-I fell down the stairs at 5am taking the dog outside and busted up my ankle so bad I had to walk around with a cane for almost a week!

-I rediscovered my love of craft beer. Beer'd, Trillium, Outer light Brewing, Relic, Proclamation,  and of course Treehouse. The beers that are available nowadays are downright amazing!

-I shot a wedding on a sailboatI! Still trying to get that Hawaii wedding under my belt ;-)

-I rented my first studio and left it seven months later and move my business back home. Because, well, it was the wrong space for me and let's face it, home is where the heart is :-)

-April and I got matching tattoos for Autumn :-)

-I saw two families become one pretty much every weekend from May to November.

-I shot three weddings in one weekend. That was a first!

-I added my associate photographer Steve to my business. Steve will kill it at your wedding,  check him out ;-)

-I found out Pedialyte was created for hot wedding days in August and not just for little ones who have the stomach bug....lol.

A lot more happened in 2017, but for now enjoy a rewind of my 2017 weddings. I'm blessed to work with amazing couples who let me into their lives to capture one of the most important day's in their life. The images below are not in any special order, nor is their one from every wedding. They're just a small sampling of the images captured and created in 2017. I hope you enjoy them. I also have to thank all my 2nd shooters (you know who you are). You all did an amazing job and I'm so lucky call you my friends and not just a 2nd shooter :-) Here's to a even better 2018 and beyond! -Chris

Chris Nachtwey

Chris Nachtwey is a Connecticut based wedding and portrait photographer. He is the founder and creator of 35to220.com and a contributing writer for slrlounge.com In his free time he loves to have a few shots of espresso, catch a Green Bay Packers game, do anything outdoors, and most importantly spend time with family and friends.