Drive in movie theater

2014 Portraits on Film {Ben}

Welcome to the 2014 Portraits on film project. I know I’m starting a little early.

For 2014 my personal side project in addition to my normal paying work will be making portraits on 35mm film. I personally love shooting film. Not only is there the look of film that is hard to emulate in digital work, but the process of shooting film is great. Shooting film forces you to really slow down and get the image right in the camera and I think you can really connect with a client because your not looking down at the LCD on your digital camera to see what the image looks like all the time. I still love digital, and will still be using all my digital gear for weddings and paying clients, but theres just something so special about a photo made on film in my opinion.

If you’re interested in participating in the project you can find more information here.

Ben and I have been friends for a long time, and he said he would like to participate in the project. Ben’s a fellow creative and when we noticed this abandoned drive in movie theater we both looked at each other and said “we need to shoot there!”

Ben and I spent about a half hour wandering around checking the place out and making some great images.  I had about an hour to shoot then run the film to a great local film lab, Coopers Imaging in Norwich Connecticut to develop and scan the images for me overnight.

It was a great session to kick off the project! If you’re interested in participating in the 2014 portraits on film project please feel free to let me know. 

Info: Nikon F100 | Kodak Portra 400 | Nikon 85mm f/1.8